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MiBiome Natural Topical Suspension Treatment for Eczema, Psoriasis & Dermatitis – 30ml


MiBiome™ is a probiotic for the skin, rebalancing the dermal microbiome. Soothes and rebalances excessively dry, red, irritated or scaly skin.

 Steroid free
 SLS and SLES free
 Dye free, paraben free
 All natural ingredients

MiBiome™ 30ml/1fl. oz is recommended for small areas​ only.

For best outcome use MiBiome as directed for 60 days.
DO NOT apply MiBiome to open wounds!

MiBiome Natural Topical Suspension treatment offers a range of benefits for individuals dealing with eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Probiotic Action:

   – MiBiome contains probiotics specifically designed for the skin, helping to restore and maintain a healthy dermal microbiome. These beneficial bacteria contribute to the overall balance of the skin’s ecosystem.

  1. Microbiome Rebalancing:

   – The topical suspension actively works to rebalance the skin’s microbiome. By fostering a diverse and well-regulated microbial environment, MiBiome helps alleviate the symptoms associated with eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

  1. Soothing Effect:

   – MiBiome provides relief for excessively dry, red, irritated, or scaly skin. The formulation includes ingredients with soothing properties that help calm inflammation and reduce discomfort associated with skin conditions.

  1. Natural Ingredients:

   – The treatment is formulated with natural ingredients, promoting a gentle and holistic approach to skin health. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with sensitivities or concerns about the use of harsh chemicals on their skin.

  1. Reduce Redness on Skin:

   – The treatment helps minimize redness associated with skin conditions. By addressing the underlying causes of inflammation, MiBiome contributes to a more even skin tone and a reduction in the appearance of red patches.

  1. Non-Steroidal Approach:

   – MiBiome offers a non-steroidal option for managing eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. This can be appealing to individuals seeking alternatives to traditional steroid-based treatments, which may have potential side effects with prolonged use.

  1. Suitable for Various Skin Types:

    – The treatment is formulated to be suitable for a variety of skin types, making it a versatile option for individuals with different needs and preferences.


1. Shake the bottle WELL before each use. The product should feel gritty when applied.
2. Apply MiBiome to clean, dry skin.
3. Apply a sufficient amount to affected skin areas and massage gently MORNING and EVENING .
4. Wait a few minutes (2-5 min) before covering target skin areas with clothing. A few minutes of sun exposure will be beneficial.
5. MiBiome is an all natural product – it may be used more than twice daily, if needed.
6. For best outcome use MiBiome as directed for 60 days.
DO NOT apply MiBiome to open wounds!


For external use only. Use only as directed. Do not swallow.
Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.
Do not apply if there is a known sensitivity to any of the
ingredients. Stop using the product if any allergic reaction or discomfort develops.
If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a health professional before use.
DO NOT apply MiBiome™ to open wounds.
Do not use if container is damaged.


Store in cool, dry and dark conditions.




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